I am Michel Tuinman, a 35-year-old visual artist and I live and work in Rotterdam. I followed my education at the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam where the emphasis is on artistic craft development and good control of techniques.



Explanation art

I partly let go of the emphasis on traditional painting techniques in my work in order to arrive at my own image. By using brushes, palette knives and rollers and applying or removing paint, I express my fascination for color in light and shadow. In my images, realism often merges with abstraction. This allows me to convey landmarks while leaving room for the viewer’s interpretation and emotional connection.

With my paintings I invite viewers to enter into a visual dialogue about their urban experiences and memories. But I also invite them to reflect and form a renewed appreciation for a city. With my work I explore the deep beauty that lies in the fleeting and intangible. In addition, I place solitary figures next to each other in a vibrant urban environment that invites the viewer to reflect on the paradox of modern social interaction